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Because Of Lazy Learning

Beni is a child who is naughty and too lazy to learn it, if in order to learn Beni mother always did not want to learn. Like elementary school in Beni Beni Dare to live with her mother in a house that is small enough, her mother named Yanti. But unfortunately Ben had left his father, his father had died of cancer when Greg was a kid.Beni was the only child so her mother loved her dearly, her mother did not want to separate from him, so his mother always guard it well, although Greg is a naughty child and also lazy to learn her mother always led Beni.Beni always play with the theme and do not want to learn, when it was late, his mother told Greg to learn, but Beni even read story books. When his mother asked, “Greg has prepared a book yet?” Greg replied “not yet bu, tomorrow morning!” Although Beni lazy to study but she was always patient and never get enough of reminding Beni to learn.Her mother was always praying to God Almighty said “Lord change my child who is naughty, so be smart and study hard in order to realize its ideals Amen!”Finally God heard the prayers of his mother so that one day Beni Beni forget the time so play till night and when he got home Beni Beni was sleepy and forgot that tomorrow there is repetition, and finally Beni overslept.The next day, Beni was not oversleep and prepare textbooks and also has not been studied for replication. Deuteronomy third period. Arriving at school late Beni, Beni and finally in the law to write the book, writing “I will not be late again” as much as 2 pages!Finally finished well and Beni Beni tired!When replication took place Beni sleepy because of sleep last night benighted. So Greg was asleep during replication, when the new answer should be collected Beni 3 problems. The children waited while the teacher assess … when replicates distributed, Beni called his teacher, said the teacher “of all Beni why your answer wrong?” said Greg “last night I forgot to learn bu!” as punishment you should write in the book with the inscription “I will not be lazy to learn again” as much as 300 times.Finally, since then Beni kapok will not play until the night again, and finally Beni now study hard so as not to put to his teacher again and so get a good grade.His mother too happy because now his son is not bad anymore, and also a longer study of the play. His mother prayed to God “Oh my God thank you because you listen to prayers so that God’s servant of servants now make children study hard!” Since then Beni often win the race because of diligent study. Finally Ben and his mother live happily and also happy.



Message from author: Rice Science, The Contains More ducked means more and more knowledge, more and more humble


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